Tall Oaks Kennel

5243 Walsh Rd

Whitmore Lake, MI 48189


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Personalized Pet Care

Premium Cat Boarding

Are you ready for your cat to enjoy spacious, individual living quarters? We keep your cats separate from our canine guests, and equip their rooms with individual windows, elevated perches to climb on, scratching posts, and toys. Our Kitty Play Place includes a climber that goes to an elevated cat walk. Your cat can also enjoy an outside area for napping.

  • Medications distributed

  • All pets fed twice daily

  • Treats with each meal

  • All pets are closely monitored

  • Playroom and indoor/Outdoor play area

Clean and entertaining facilities

We will feed your cats' premium dry cat food, and wet food is given daily. If your cat prefers their own food and toys, your favorite items are always welcome here. Your cats are allowed to roam in a play area daily, and we’re always close by to cuddle them or play.

Individual quarters

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to schedule a stay for your cat.

Loving staff members

2 meals a day

Elevated perches to climb on

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I have been boarding my dogs at Tall Oaks for years and I think they are outstanding. I was able to tour the kennel without having to make an appointment so I was able to verify the kennels are clean and the dogs well cared for. The staff is courteous and I love the way the owner and staff interact with my dogs.

                                                         - Lori D

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